Available Wednesday to Saturday 12pm- 2.30pm


Courses £19.95 or 3 Courses £24.95  




Crispy Chilli Beef, Shaved Cucumber Mouli

Chilli, Spring Onion, Toasted Sesame Seeds


Salt Baked Beetroot, Feta, Pickled Onion, Spiced Pistachio Nuts






Roast Fillet of Pork, Confit Potatoes, Carrot Puree, Onion Marmalade, Pork Jus


Roast Fillet of Atlantic Cod, Pea Puree Triple Cooked Chips,

Scraps, Warm Tartare Sauce






Macerated and Poached Strawberry Merengue Strawberry Sorbet

Lemon Posset, Aerated  Cherry Mousse,  Cherry Sorbet