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Tier 2 Covid Safety Measures

We look forward to welcoming you back to the Abergavenny Arms from the 3rd December.


The government has placed us in Tier 2 for the time being and therefore all Guests will have to adhere to the new Tier 2 Regulations.

Tier 1: Medium alert

  • Any social gatherings of more than six people will be against the law – exemptions apply.

  • Businesses must not accept a table booking for a group of more than six individuals or admit a group of more than six people, unless there is a qualifying exemption.

  • Businesses must take reasonable steps to prevent separate groups from mingling with each other within indoor and outdoor settings.

  • Businesses selling food or drink (including cafés, bars, pubs, restaurants and takeaways) must be closed between 23:00 and 05:00, with last orders for food and drink having been placed by 22:00. Delivery services (including drive-through service) are exempt and can continue after 10pm provided they are not allowing customers on the premises. Bars and cafés within open premises, such as hotels or theatres, must also close at 23:00 with last orders for food and drink having been placed by 22:00. Venues inside ports, transport services and motorway service areas are not required to close between 23:00 and 05:00, but must not sell alcohol after 22:00.

  • In venues which sell alcohol, food and drink must be ordered by, and served to, customers who are seated. This means that a business that sells alcohol must introduce systems to take orders from seated customers, instead of at a bar or counter. This applies to both indoor and outdoor settings.

  • All businesses selling food or drink must ensure that customers only consume food or drink while seated. This means that in unlicensed premises, food and drink can be purchased at a counter, but customers must sit down to consume it, even in outdoor settings.


Tier 2: High alert

In areas under tier 2, the restrictions from tier 1 apply in addition to the following restrictions:

  • Individuals can only meet in indoor settings with other members of their own household or support bubble.

  • Businesses must only accept indoor bookings for individuals from one household or support bubble.

  • Businesses must take reasonable steps to prevent individuals from separate households or bubbles from mingling with each other in indoor settings.

  • Venues must close unless they operate as if they were a restaurant. This means serving substantial meals, like a main lunchtime or evening meal. They may only serve alcohol as part of such a meal.

  • Businesses that do not ordinarily serve food may enter into a contracting arrangement in order that they are able to do so and remain open. However, allowing customers to bring food into the premises that had been purchased elsewhere in order to consume alcohol remains prohibited.

In order that we can re-open the Abergavenny Arms we have had to make some operational changes and extra health & safety measures to keep both our Customers and Staff Safe.  The changes have been made to accommodate the government guidelines and we ask that guests please adhere to them so that all can enjoy their long-awaited experience at the Abergavenny Arms.


Until government advice changes otherwise, we will be implementing table service only. To avoid disappointment this should be pre-booked via our website or calling 01892 750233 .

You can also order some items on our online app . You can find it in the apple store under Hopt or Download it at


If you have booked a Dining Pod and are a mixed household please inform the restaurant on your arrival or prior via telephone

so they can adapt our pod to an ‘outdoor space’. All of our pods are fully heated, however to comply with government guidelines the door will need to be left open for airflow so we would just recommend you dress warm.

At this time, we can only accommodate groups of one household (including support bubbles) inside the pub. However, we can accommodate groups of 6 people or less who can be from any number of households in our garden or Dining pod.

If your group is 7 people or more, please call us first as we may be able to accommodate you as long as the people are from no more than one households (or support bubbles).

Please bear in mind the British Weather, and dress accordingly if your table is booked in the garden or in a Dining Pod .

If you or any of your party feel unwell on the day of your booking, please save your visit for another day.


On arrival, please enter by the car park entrance, where you will be met by a host who will guide you to your table. At busy times you may be asked to queue outside and we respectfully ask that you have patience and observe social distancing  between groups.

To comply with the government’s track and trace scheme, please scan the bar codes or if you do not have the technical capacity to do so, provide your name and

contact details on your menu. 

Your table and chairs will have been sanitised and positioned to provide a sufficiently safe distance from each group and we kindly ask that you please do not move them.

One-time use recyclable Menus will be provided, and all orders will be taken from your table by a member of our staff. Please do not stand at the bar or attempt to order from the bar.

Our Staff have been provided with Covid-19 awareness, enhanced Hygiene, Health & Safety training and they will all be temperature checked before each shift. During service they will be washing their hands every twenty minutes and sanitising ‘touch points’ on a very regular basis.

This includes the Toilets, which will be a one-in-one-out policy, again we ask that you respectfully maintain a safe distance from your fellow guests as you travel through the pub.

When paying your bill, we ask that you kindly make payment by card wherever possible and exit by the garden gate.


We hope that you understand that we are doing our utmost to provide you with a safe and enjoyable environment, whilst not compromising the great Abergavenny Arms experience.


We thank you for support in these challenging times. 

The Abergavenny Team

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